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Welcome to the GlassFish Plug-ins project...

Welcome to the GlassFish Plugins for the IDE Project. This project enables IDE users to develop, deploy and run their Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications using their favorite IDEs. Unfamiliar with the GlassFish Project, start here.

New, both NetBeans and Eclipse: now with complete support for GlassFish 3.1 Java EE 6 compliant Application Server!

GlassFish Support in NetBeans IDE

The plugin for  GlassFish Java EE 6 3.1 is bundled with NetBeans 7.0  a free IDE, that allows a developer to:
  • Create Java EE 6 applications, automatically add EJB modules and Web modules, and deploy the application.
  • Create an EJB module and deploy it as a stand-alone module or packaged in a Java EE application.
  • Create Session Beans, Entity Beans and Message-Driven Beans.
  • Create RESTful Web Services
  • Create JSF 2.0 Applications
  • Create Applications using CDI
  • Create Entity Beans using an existing database schema.
  • Create a Web module, generate calls to EJBs, and deploy the Web module either as a stand-alone Web application or packaged in a Java EE application.
  • Create, register, and test Web services.
  • Try out the sample applications to learn and understand the Java EE technology.
  • Import your existing Java EE projects.
  • Visually configure your EJBs, Web Services and Web Components.
  • Add multiple source folders to EJB module or Web module, create Unit tests as a part of the project.

GlassFish 3.1 Support in Eclipse IDE (Eclipse 3.6 - Helios)

You can also use this developer Eclipse Update Center to get the plugin: .

Read the plugin documentation for Eclipse here.

The GlassFish Plugin for Eclipse code is now available under the Eclipse Public License EPL.

GlassFish support in IntelliJ IDEA 9

IntelliJ IDEA 9 is the latest release of the IDE that now also support Java EE 6 specification and the GlassFish v3 Java EE 6 Application server.
Download it from this location.

GlassFish support in jBuilder

JBuilder 2007  supports GlassFish: JBuilder Product Page and FAQ (PDF).
Also check DavidI's blog .


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This is a great way to get your favorite IDE hooked up with new and exciting Project GlassFish!
Please contact Ludovic Champenois if you are interested.

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